Lazer Factory

Laser tag is a team or free-for-all game where players score points by tagging one another with infrared laser beams. At the Lazer Factory, children can enjoy a sophisticated, interactive laser tag game played in a futuristic arena complete with glow in the dark graphics, cool hiding spots, music and a rotating disco ball. Black lighting, stunning graphics and special effects create a fun and exciting atmosphere. An eerie glow emanates from the front and back of the high tech fiber optic vests. Suddenly, laser beams (totally safe) pierce the darkness creating a dazzling display of lights. Combatants hide behind protective cover and maneuver through an interconnecting maze. Games are 10 or 5 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 10-14 children at one time.
**Please keep in mind that the vests are quite heavy;
we recommend that children ages 7+ participate in Lazer tag to best fit the vests**
Lazer tag is a great group activity making it the perfect activity for birthday parties.
Single Game (10 min/per person)
Single Game (5 min/person)

Group Rate (per hour) (Mon-Thurs)
(for Group Rate Advanced booking is required & a $40 non-refundable deposit must be taken for schools, groups, etc. )