Decorate Your Basement with Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for basement renovations Thornhill? Of course, you can choose any type of floor for your basement. However, unlike superior rooms, basements are often prone to hold latent moisture and it turns them into true mold factories.

Basement renovations Thornhill offers a variety of composite wood products, such as vinyl pallets, Vinyl Fencing, and more. Learn more about vinyl boards for basement renovation here and create your beautiful and durable basement.
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Vinyl is a new type of construction material that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is a sustainable building material, made of colored polyvinyl chloride and wood chips. Use of these products can help reduce environmental pollution and prevent further deforestation.

How Vinyl Helps

1.     Safer than Traditional Wooden Flooring

These materials guarantee durability and they are safer than the traditional wooden flooring. If you use them in the basement, you can freely roam around without worrying about slipping even you’re moving the barefoot. This vinyl flooring has an attractive look that can easily compete for the traditional wooden flooring.

2.     Prevents Molds

With unique processing technology, Vinyl can effectively combat mold and natural erosion. It is not necessary to die or polish. These are not attractive to insects. You don’t have to worry about termites. It keeps looking new after many years of use. No cracks, no rot, and you can use them for outdoor floors, fences and other purposes too!

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3.     Easy Installation

All composite decorative vinyl materials available at  Basement renovations Thornhill is very easy to install and can be used for a variety of home decoration and commercial use. Let’s check out how can they help.

4.     What’s So Special about Vinyl?

The composite material used in vinyl Decking is a mixture of wood and plastic. Approximately 50% wool, 40% recycled plastics and 10% glue and dyes. They are mixed and then extruded to form a hollow or solid deck board.

The benefits of mixing these 2 groups of products are obvious, you end up with the durable, wear-resistant, maintenance-free elements of the plastic that comes with the beauty, look, and feel of the wood. They award you with an excellent looking basement flooring that will last for years and years.

Unlike many traditional wooden boards, Basement renovations Thornhill vinyl boards don’t need to be sealed, painted or waterproofed regularly. You can easily clean them by sweeping and occasionally with a jet hose.

Vinyl flooring

Easy to build

Quickly build your deck with Basement renovations Thornhill vinyl boards. You can fix the boards normal tools for woodworking and. They can be easily fastened to a suitable supporting beam substructure with stainless steel screws and nylon T-Clip system.

These boards acquire some special features that include but not limited to-

  • They don’t chip, split, rot or deform.
  • It is not necessary to seal, stain or paint regularly.
  • This comes with Low water absorption rate, does not attract mold or fungi.
  • These are good insect resistants.