Basics of Thermal Bindings

If you are planning to create secure and stylish bound documents then you should opt for thermal binding. Thermal bindings can be easily customized and it helps in giving a professional look. Before opting for thermal binding, you should have a complete idea about it.

The Basics

Thermal binding is of two types- binding by using adhesive tape and binding by using plastic bars. The most popular type of binding is the use of adhesive lined spine in order to create a bind. You can come across various styles of binds and you can select the one that you want to on the basis of you requirement and preference. These binds can be used for both hard and soft covers. The people who want tamper-proof binds should opt for VeloBind style.

If you are using spines to bind the document, the user has to punch holes in the document in a particular pattern. The prolonged sides are inserted through the holes and then the flat side is placed on the prongs. The document needs to be placed in the VeloBid machine which does the trimming. The ends are also melted in order to secure the thermal bindings in place.

Thermal Binding

Thermal Binding Spines

There are four types of thermal bindings– utility covers, hard covers, soft covers and binding strips. There are no covers attached to the binding strips and they are available in various widths and colors. The utility covers are actually soft covers which have been made beforehand. The utility covers have paper backs and the front part is clear. Since these covers are made beforehand you will not come across a lot of options. If you are looking for something unique then you can opt for custom covers. The custom covers are available in soft and hard covers. By using the custom covers, the individual can easily select the stock, finish and size. It is well-known that the price of the custom covers will be on the higher end.thermal binding

The VeloBind spines can easily secure around seven hundred and fifty pages and is the ideal choice for large documents. These spines cannot be customized like the other covers and hence the price of these items is on the lower side.

Thermal Binding Machine

The machine which performs thermal bindings is extremely easy to operate and no punching is required. The document needs to be inserted in the cover and it is heated for a given amount of time. The result of the heating makes the binding perfect and neat. This type of binding is also permanent and can be customized as per the requirement. It is a popular choice among the people because it can be easily customized.

If the VeloBind spine is used, the holes need to be punched in a proper order. This method of punching is considered to be the most tamper-resistant binding style and hence is popular choice for binding legal documents. By opting for thermal bindings, you can keep your document safe and secure for a longer period of time.