Birthday Parties

Extra Party Notes:

  • PLEASE be reminded that we no longer provide Party Coaches for parties, however someone will come in to set up the room, check up on you and clean up after you.
  • Children over the age of ONE are considered part of the party
  • Birthday parties are for children 10 years and under
  • $40.00 non-refundable deposit required upon booking; over the phone it must be paid either Visa or MasterCard
  • SOCKS are REQUIRED for all children and adults
  • NO balloons (other than Mylar or Foil-type)
  • NO pinatas
  • NO outside food and beverages: bagged lunches, snacks, juice, coffee, etc. are NOT permitted into the facility (with the exception of birthday cakes for booked parties ONLY).
  • 3-5 days notice is recommended for party bookings
  • A 15″ Pizza for Birthday parties is $22.00 + Tax
  • A Large Snack platter for Birthday parties is $49.75 +Tax
  • A Large Veggie tray for Birthday parties is $30.00 + Tax
  • A Large Fruit tray for Birthday parties is $45.00 + tax
  • A Large Coffee thermos for Birthday parties is $5.95 +tax
  • a Pitcher of pop for the adults or other guests $4.25 +tax
  • Bowl of Popcorn $4.50 +tax

Room Rental $40.00

Allows you to bring in cake and gifts.
Includes: an hour in a party room, party punch for the kids, two free drinks for Mom & Dad, and 100 game tickets for the birthday child. 
Also provided: Cutlery (napkins, forks, plates, etc.)
Party Admission: $7.00 +tax/per guest.
Customize your own party:
Add the following items to your party to make it suit your needs!
-Extra 1/2 hour in the room $15.00
-9 Game tokens $2.25/each
-5 min. of Laser tag $2.25 (per person)
-Loot bags $4.25/each
-Meal for each child $5.25/each
-Party Coach $15.00
Choice of Food for the Meal
-Chicken Nuggets w/Fries or veggies
-Hot dog w/Fries or veggies
-Grilled cheese w/Fries or veggies
(on brown or white bread)
-7″ Pizza (Pepperoni, Cheese, or Hawaiian)
  • Booking made over the phone or online must be able to put down a payment of $40.00 which is non-refundable, but does come off of your Party total; this must be paid via Visa or Mastercard ONLY.
  • If unable to make a deposit via credit card, we recommend that the customer come in person to book their party/event and pay their deposit via cash or debit.
  • we do NOT allow bookings the day of or before a party date.  Please allow at least a minimum of 3 – 5 days before booking your party; this allows us to schedule enough staff to cover yours, the customer’s, needs.
  • once the party is booked we do call-backs the week of the party to go over the customer’s reservation which ensures that the information we have matches with theirs.
  • If there are any questions or concerns over Online Bookings we recommend that you call in after paying your deposit; after the deposit is paid we are given access to customer’s reservations and are able to make changes if need be.
  • Please note that if you are needing an extra 30 mins in your room it is $15.00; you must let the Party Booker know this ahead of time so that we can schedule other parties around your time slot for a smoother and more stress-free party.

Please let us know upon booking if you are expecting a lot of adults and would like an extra 30 minutes in the room. Extra time in the room is $15.00+tax and must be stated upon booking. Adding extra time cannot be done the day of your party or the night before.